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Transgressing The Museum

The final session of the Cultural Experience Award took place at the British Museum in Bloomsbury, London. This beautiful building attracts around 6 million visitors each year who visit the sites 94 galleries containing objects and artefacts from around the world. Many of the exhibitions and rooms are free to enter, meaning it's a wonderful place to pass an afternoon (as I have done on a few occasions before!) immersing yourself in history.

The British Museum
This session was particularly interesting in light of a recent seminar session in which we discussed the place of the museum institution within society, and I thought afterwards about the ways in which museums are curated to tell stories. It is important to look beyond the tale as it is presented and question what is being told to us. This session provided practical examples of ways in which this questioning could take place.
In the Enlightenment Room we spent time learning how to work within, and outside of, the expectations …

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